About us

Our commitment to responsible retailing is an important business principle at all Al fayha outlets and part of what makes the company a welcome and respected guest where ever we go. Each Al fayha Outlet store focuses on meeting the needs of busy shoppers by providing a broad selection of fresh, high-quality products and services at every day fair prices, along with speedy transactions and a clean, safe, friendly shopping environment.

Buy high-quality products

Choose from 1000s of quality or unique products ranging from bakeries, butchers, health, fruits & vegitables, household, garments, cosmetics, electronics, baby products and much more.

Vision and mission

One major factor behind the success of Al fayha retail is due in part to the operations team, a talented group of individuals who have been able to effectively evaluate challenges and quickly respond to opportunities. And where ever we go we belive in delivering the best service irrespective of the socio constrains.


We strive to always provide the best quality and most diverse selection of products available in the shop. Our value packs and combination discount offers mean that we can offer these products at even lower costs, keeping your products at unbeatable prices..